> Big Kids

Typical Ari expression
Just woken Gili
Gili in glasses
The kids in the Roman amphitheater in Caesarea
Ari & Gili in the ruins
Ari & Gili with the Mediterranean in the background
not helping
REALLY not helping!
Who are these people and why are they making all this noise???
Talk to the hand
Ariella showing her trademark charm
Gilad showing his trademark smirk
Ari, Gili and Yonah asleep in the car after a long day
Grinnin' at the kitchen table
Biggest and littlest
The sibs
Saba and the kids
Ari, Gili and their Saba (Grandpa)
The kids
Ariella and Jordan the wonder dog
3 stars
My princess as a queen
Queen Esther (under cover)
Ready for the parade
And the ninja
Sweets on the sweet
Gili the snow-ninja
Overtired?  Who, us???
Heee Haw!
The boys