> older folks

The family in the Roman amphitheater
another shot in the Roman amphitheater
[snapping fingers] hey Yonah... Look over HERE!
Yonah still not getting the concept of posing
Zahava & Yonah
Proud 'Saba' with Yonah
A man and his bag
Grandpa and the kids
Mom & Dad and Yonah in front of the King David Hotel (across from the YMCA Tower)
Proud Grandma
Who's holding the baby?!
Ariella and Grandpa
Hey, nice hand puppet
Another joke slays Gilad
Zahava with the big kids
The family inside a cave
Hiking in Beit Guvrin
Zahava (and camera-shy Yonah)
Zahava and your's truly (I'm the one on the left)
Zahava Ariella and Yonah
Zahava, Yonah...and...oh, yeah, me.
The big brother (Gilad)
Moments before the Brit...
Proud mom & dad