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A split rock in Begin Park
Painful symmetry
Misty Mountaintops
Another view from the hiking trail
kids & cows
Sitting in a window
A byzantine era church (what's left of it, anyway)
Still life with kids and rocks
Inside one of the burial caves at Beit Guvrin
A restored burial cave
Inside one of the bell caves (note person in lower right corner for scale)
The little spelunkers (sp?)
A hole in the roof of one of the caves
All decked out and ready to go exploring
looking up at another hole in the roof
Zahava and Yonah amid the flowers on Givat HaTurmusim
Ari and Gili taking a rest beside some of the ancient ruins on Givat HaTurmusim
Gilad in a funny pose
Ariella on the Carob Tree
More Turmusim
A family pic on top of Givat HaTurmusim
The first of several flower pics
another beautiful flower
Some Turmusim (Lupines)
Turmusim (Lupines) and Cyclamens
A view from the top
A view of the Elah valley from the top of Givat HaTurmusim
Pine cones and hills
Magen david with sleds
Our House
Roses in the snow
Our car