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Friday, November 02, 2007

'Tis the season

The 2007 Weblog Awards

Some kind soul (questionable) seems to have nominated this site for the 2007 WEBLOG Awards (Middle East & Africa Category)... and it somehow ended up as a finalist.  Which means despite my total disregard for accolades and public recognition, I will be clicking refresh on the standings page from now until the voting is over on November 8th like, say, a crack rat in a skinner box.

So yeah, I am deeply touched... but I was kinda looking forward to doing other things this week... like eating, sleeping and maintaining some semblance of personal hygiene.  Oh well.  :-)

So, if you want to go over and do your bit to keep me off the bottle, the link is here.  As always, the competition is excellent, and I actually read some of the other blogs in my category (Dry Bones Blog, Michael J. Totten, Sandmonkey, Mother in Israel, etc.). 

So thanks again to whoever tossed my name in the hat... and go vote!

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I don't see the purpose of these awards, given that they haven't linked to the blogs in the running. How will anyone know how to pop in here for a visit?

I hope this was an innocent omission and not an indication that the purpose of these awards has nothing to do with exposing people to new and wonderful blogs.

On the plus side, those voting panes are superb. I think I have poll envy.

Posted by: Aussie Dave | Nov 2, 2007 3:55:03 PM


I was surprised but delighted to find a link to Sandmonkey. Very glad to see he's back online. Thanks for that bit of welcome news.

That's the power of the internet. An American expatriate in Korea finds out from an Israeli that his favorite Egyptian blogger is back in business.

Posted by: antares | Nov 3, 2007 12:21:22 AM

David, Thanks for the mention. Aussie Dave, they don't have the links up yet and are asking for technical help in setting them up.
I'm off to work on Haveil Havalim.

Posted by: mother in israel | Nov 3, 2007 5:52:03 PM

How will anyone know how to pop in here for a visit?

Google works wonders. ;)

Posted by: Jack | Nov 4, 2007 9:41:14 AM


David, same person who tossed you into the hat, put mine in as well. (yet it's unclear to me how blogs migrated from the nomination list to the finalist list).

Anyway - good luck!!! And I know you won't let me forget this, and it'll bite me sometime ;-)

Posted by: Jameel @ The Muqata | Nov 8, 2007 12:21:09 PM

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